About me!

I’ve been called mini martha, a renaissance gal, the barefoot contessa among other things.

I enjoy cooking, crafting, hiking, exercising and camping…

Most of all, i love food. I love when other people love the food i make or recipes i suggest!

I heard from my friend (and then no less than 6 others that same week) that they just “don’t have time to make a good, healthy meal”.

They use services like blue apron, purple carrot, and the like to make their life easier and less work. I decided to make it my mission to find and organize recipes for those with limited time to be able to prep in under 2 hours, and create a mininmum of 3 meals during the week!

I cover a lot of different food diets – wheat free, paleo, vegetarian, low fat but also i have a whole repitour of spent grain recipes and baked goods. Everything in moderation, right?


Where did Lazy Bear come from you ask? At some point, possibly around 10, santa brought Lazy Bear down the chimney for me. It become the cherished, most loved stuffed animal for the next 15+ years – basically till I owned my first dog. He went to college with me, and I slept with him every night. Even now i find myself sometimes in the position I usually fell asleep with him…

At some point i started doing pottery. I started selling said pottery. I needed a name.

Why not my most favorite thing on the planet? I had a friend that was an artist-ish, and he rendered my bear in line drawn form. Thus – lazy bear in all it forms and fashions existed.