Tips and Tricks

Powdered Buttermilk  

OMG – this s$it is amazing! No more wasting the rest of the carton for 1/4 cup. Just use exactly what you need and in the fridge it sits till you need it again! Buttermilk Strawberry gelato is where i originally found this wonder and boy am i glad! Always have buttermilk on hand, and it can store in the cabinet until opened!

IMG_1497Wine Collar your EVOO bottles!

This is the perfect tool to have in your kitchen to keep your shelves, bottles, and counter tops clean! When the bottle is empty, toss the collar in the wash or dishwasher and ready for the next bottle! More

Microplane Zester

This is a little magical gift from heaven. Promise.  My mom has it for cheese. I’m not sure i have ever used it for cheese.  Lemons – oh yes. Ginger – oh it’s the best. And most recently i learned this while being taught how to cook indian food – Garlic! For heaven’s sake, grate your garlic, it’s amazing! Do it-  you’ll like it!

Wire Shelf Labels

Do you have a freezer full of things to use in the future? Do you send someone down to get something, and they can’t find it? These are a god send and help direct your loved ones to be able to grab exacly what you need them to. Also might help them feed themselves if you are away!