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Shop Local – Shop to do Good

I’ve started a page to keep track of local people that create, do, provide and offer!


Devil Dog Coffee – Littleton – proceeds go to wounded warrior and the christmas blend is so wonderful!

NPR coffee

Screamin Beans Coffee Collaborative – an adorable youth from maryland doing her best! Too cute not to support!

Purple Door Coffee – they hire people that are working to not be homeless. And the coffee is tasty!


Photographer – Jackie Cooper photography. (did our anniversary photos and also does prints etc)


Jack Gibbs – – we had a painting done of our house. Love it!

Line drawn art – we did one of our house. It’s a single line! For real! đŸ™‚

Kim Beesly is an amazing artist! You can get a custom pieces of art or something she has already posted. From Colorado – recently moved across the country!


Soap – a wonderful gal in the neighborhood makes home made soap with different recipes and flavors!

Soy Candles – Down Home Country Candles so many amazing scents – but honestly butt naked is the best!

Ceramics and art:


Address: â€‹4100 W 49th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

Phone(720) 234-0071


Miss Olivia’s Line of glass jewelry. She is here in Colorado. I used to stalk her at craft fairs… I am addicted to this shop! Such fun and beautiful items! Also belt buckles – love them!

Rock Pebble Metal – a friend that lives in Golden, CO and does amazing hand crafted jewlery!


Mollies Masks


Buy a t-shirt – help a business click here


Kady’s Kollars

Kady’s Kollars – boys love them! They are still wearing their holiday kollars from last november (2019) and they look fantastic! (October 2020) – yes i leave my pups in the wrong holiday all the time! One year they wore halloween till the following following thanksgiving!

Good Eats!

Charcuterie board from Cheese Meat Board We’ll be enjoying these for all the holidays! It’s a local sibling of a friend if you are in denver!

Charcuterie for 5 (not shown, bread, chocolate and whipped honey)

Flatiron Pepper Company – sounds silly, red pepper flakes are just that, right? nope! Give these guys a try, amazing! I use them in everything and what a kick! I got the full 4 pepper set to start, i have something i put each kind in! Even my tomato tortellini soup in the crockpot!

Do Good

Have you ever been to the Galapagos? Have you ever heard of the blue footed boobie! Their mating dance is adorable! We went years ago, but last year i saw a post from 2 little boys selling socks to help save the blue footed boobies! I have bought at least pairs and they are comfy and adorable!


Taspen’s Organic – My favorite eye cream and they are located up in Conifer. They also do CBD products if that is your thing..

Lazy Bear Foods (me) – I make home made lotions, scrubs.


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