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17 June, 2016

Ban the Drips

Posted in : Tips And Tricks on by : Nicole

One of things that I hate is a sticky or slick bottle or smudge on the bottom of my shelves…

A few years ago I was introduced to the local EVOO store and ALL THE FLAVORS!

OMG – I truely am addicted…

I have some basics for cooking – Chipotle, Garlic and Butter – yup butter flavor…

For my salads i’m a fan of the lemon white balsamic with either the blood orange evoo or the garlic or the chipotle… anyway you get the idea…

The problem… they poor nicely but like wine bottle they leave a little on the lip and drip. I’ve tried the little spouty things, but my cabinets are not tall enough to hold the bottle and the spouty thing. Besides i would need a ton of those things, and have you ever tried to clean them! Goodness gracious. Ugh!

So while shuffling through my silverware draw-er I came across some old wine bottle drip catchers… And a lightbulb went off in my head! PERFECT!

So i have all my bottle decked out now and my shelves are clean and bottle are not icky!


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