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29 October, 2016

Brie Potstickers

Brie Potstickers
Posted in : Appetizers, Dessert, Recipe on by : Nicole

This was recipe that looked amazing on paper. But in practice…  I definitely need more practice! The outcome was definitely tasty, but most of the cheese got lost… in the pan. I tried all different manner of doing the wrappers – lumpia version,  gyoza version, crazy square version, traingle version, taquito version…  The best is
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25 October, 2016

Copy Cat Dole Whip

Copy Cat Dole Whip
Posted in : Dessert on by : Nicole

  Found this amazing wonder on face book a couple months ago Others tried it, and had suggestions, so i incorporated them and then added a lovely touch! Whipped up a batch and then did the calorie count, and it’s under 100 calories a serving!!    


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