I’ve decided to spread the word that home made meals don’t have to be painful, time consuming, and ending up with too many left overs!

I’ve gone the gamut on types of meals – low fat, full carb, paleo, wheat free, vegetarian, gluten full and plain old just gluttonous!

I’ll be picking my favorites and adding options for a prep-day, keeping it to feeding 1 or 2 people, and keeping with whatever meal plan you are attempting!

I love all most kinds of cooking – baking, crockpot, grilling, stove top etc!  (i reserve frying to once every 5-10 years and mostly let restaurants do the heavy lifting on that evil goodness)

I hope you enjoy these recipes! As i add more, i’ll also put together how to do a prep day of more than 1 recipe to get a full week’s full, a freezer full of options and more!