Asian Cucumber Salad

This is a fun little recipe that uses not too many ingredients and is refreshing on a hot day or with a hot dish!


The easiest way to deal with the cucumbers is 2 fold.

Option 1 is to use a food processor with a slicing blade – it definitely makes quick work of it, but also means extra clean up…  For regular cucumbers, make sure to scrape out the seeds.

Option 2 is to use english cucumbers. No need to peel or scrape out the seeds.

IMG_1480cIMG_1481 IMG_1482


IMG_1486 IMG_1485  IMG_1487

Pre-prepping tips:

  • Slice the cucumbers.
  • Make the marinade, and store in a medium side bowl.

Day of:

  • This is actually the day prior, or a few hours before
  • Combine the marinade and the cucumber. Stir every couple of hours.



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