Onion Scape Pesto

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The winter was a time for some of hubby’s garden to hibernate and see what it could do.

The kale came back and the red onions just seemed to get huge! Ok, just the scapes looked huge! When the hubby pulled some of the onions they were not as big as the scapes indicated, but dayaaaam were they potent!

I looked up some recipes, revisited my normal cilantro/carrot greens pesto and found a couple options to combine.

I also got to use some of the basil hubby had been growing for me in the house, some black basil and some regular basil.

The original recipe called for evoo only – i decided to mix it up with some avocado oil, add in the basil, added some parmesan… it turned out pretty well!


This is a great option and fantastic to be able to use up the onion scapes!

I used it as a nice base for pizza!

If you try this recipe let me know what you think, and what oils you used.

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