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White Trash Margarita

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I had heard that you could make a really tasty margarita with a bottle of corona but hadn’t spent much time looking into it. Generally we don’t drink things with Tequila, cause… Tequila…  but after i spent some time with my new co-workers learning to build this concoction and enjoying the results I decided our next party really really really needed some of this!

It’s pretty basic and there are actually a lot of different options and suggestions out there on the interwebs!

The Verdict:

Surprisingly refreshing and yummy! Great for a party.

Tip: freeze plastic gloves filled with water, use to keep your beverage cool and not watered down!

White Trash Margaritas
Seems to be a random set of ingredients that serve up a mighty tasty beverage.
Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 1-12 oz can of light beer (Miller light, or Bud Light work best)
  2. 1-12 oz can of Limeade (allow it to thaw for an hour or two)
  3. 1-12 oz can Sprite
  4. 12 oz. Tequila
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  1. Mix
  2. Drink
  1. Make a double batch - trust me
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