I’m a big proponent of keeping waste, and especially food waste to a minimum.

Waste Not Want Not is a little tag line i’ll be using to share with you ways that i keep my waste limited and ways to use items that go bad quickly, or might go bad due to not using it in time, or if you can buy in bulk options to save money and use them later!

Banana Peels!


First off – I’m a banana racist – i’ll own that. I prefer them with a tint of green, and definitely full yellow. Any bits of brown and it’s a gonner – can you say banana bread!

Another option if you aren’t prepared to get out the pan and make banana bread is to freeze them.

Note: Frozen bananas do not reconstitute when they unfreeze, they turn in a really creepy goey pile…  So freeze them with the assumption that you will use them in a recipe. Since most recipes start with – mash said banana, you are good to!

  1.  Peel them, The picture above the after math of a bunch of bananas destined for the freezer. You don’t have to peel them, you can freeze a whole banana, but you have to wait for it to defrost to use it, and see the note above, it’s a goey mess, but still totally doable… so waste less and store them however works for you!
  2. If desired cut them in half (i use half a banana for my smoothie), leave them whole for use in banana bread, or slice them if you want to make banana ice cream, or other smoothie uses!
  3. Pop them in the freezer till hard,
  4. Store them. I prefer them in wax paper to keep them individualized, but the choice is yours.

I use this trick when bananas are super cheap – like 19 cents a pound!

Frozen Bananas

There is also the fun option of banana “ice cream”.