Halloween Decoration Craft

In honor of waste not want not, I rarely throw away a container that has not been used more than once.

The tub!

Don’t judge this family of 2, but we enjoy cheese balls and i get the big jar. In the realm of what was in our vows, i do “individualize” servings into other plastic containers, so the 28 ounces of finger staining air and goodness doesn’t end up as the bowl. (and yes, one of the things in our vows was the fact that the hubby would help me count out and individualize the costco cheez-its box)

Painted tub

So maybe we have a number of these containers that I refuse to throw out. A few years ago a friend and I made smaller versions out of glass, but I decided to up the ante..


  • Get giant. tub of cheese balls
  • Eat or in some other manner empty container
  • Remove from label – goo gone works best for this
  • Wash tub / dry tub
  • Obtain orange craft paint
  • Pour 2 ounce bottle into tub, and rotate until the whole inside is covered. A 2 ounce bottle did the trick for this size tub. If you have another size, either keep adding or pour out the excess when it is covered.
  • Pro tip – make sure tub is someplace secure to dry – removing orange sprinkles from your kitchen cabinets and bamboo floor after it bounces on the floor is not amazing. (Sal’s suds for the win, just sayin)
  • Put a face on your pumpkin. I have a Cricut and a husband that is great with vinyl.
  • You are ready to go. Enjoy the season!


What if i don’t have vinyl?

  1. print a face on black paper and print it out and glue it to your pumpkin
  2. Make a face and tape it inside the tub before you pour the paint and then once dry, remove the face template.

What do I do with it?

If you have an electric candle, you can use that to make your pumpkin shine!

If you are going to leave it outdoor, you will need something heavy to hold it down, but take care with the paint inside, it could scratch easily.