Every Day Cleaner

Back in the day, i saw an Ignite presentation by Kia Ruiz on how amazing vinegar was as a cleaner and even more! This eventually started me on this crazy downward spiral into making all of my own cleaning products and more!

The internet is full of different options and ways to make things that you can use to clean, and it’s a rabbit hole i have fallen down and am always find new things i can make instead of using something with chemicals.

I have even gone so far as to start teaching a dabble class on the topic!

But to start you down the path to less chemicals in your home…  here is a really cool all purpose cleaner.

Honestly the easiest all purpose cleaner is vinegar in a spray bottle! I have a couple of those around, will spray them on counters, stove tops, door handles, etc…

But if you want a little more oomph..  here is one that if found and i love it!