Chipotle Seasoning Mix

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I started to make a recipe and got to a line that said – chipotle crockpot seasoning mix… say what?

One of the reasons i got rid of all of my pampered chef cookbooks was they always listed their own cook ware, and tools and mixes and made everything confusing… (but i digress)

So i figured… well, i need some chipotle seasoning mix – ok, i can do this!

I had smartly already stored a recipe for this seasoning mix, but when i went to go make this recipe… first line – well, poop, i don’t have “chipotle peppers”. I do have greater than 48 spices in my drawer, but not that one… really? sigh. (well now i do)

Hubby to the resucue – our new “hot pepper mixture” has chipotel peppers in it, would that work. Well it’s going to have to cause everything is defrosted!

Thanks to Flat Iron pepper company for making such an amazing set of “red pepper flakes” Buy them. They are amazing! I can’t live without them now. Everyone that likes spice will be getting some for xmas!

So – Dark and smokey to the rescue!

The bonus to finding this spice mix recipe was another recipe that is on deck for bacon jalapeno mini scones… Keep an eye out for that, i’ll link once i make it!

I’m definitely more all over the place than normal.. so back to the recipe…


This recipe was easy to make, made enough for both things i needed it for with more for future use! Popcorn anyone?