Beer Can Chicken Brine

Way back in the day, the idea of Beer Can chicken always seemed like a good idea, but canned beer and dry chicken made it a no go. I mean, i wasn’t going to buy canned beer – In that time – back when the dinosaurs roamed – there was only a couple canned beer, and they weren’t craft by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. And i wasn’t going to end up after all that effort with dry chicken.

Beer Can Chicken

And then the clouds parted, the angels sang and someone blessed me with some amazing knowledge…

“You know you can use any can? Just pour your beer into a soda can”

OMG – really? Where have you been all my life. And then my life change.

In addition to that info, I also received this recipe and the warning/tidbit 

“Always brine your chicken. It will never be dry”

OMG – really? Again, where have you been all my life? And again, my life continued to change…

I tend to put my chicken in the brine at least 2-3 days prior to cooking day. 

Tip: Buy your chicken (on sale), removed the inside what not, and freeze it in the container you intend to bring the chicken in. That way, when you are are ready, pour the brine in, and let it defrost and do it’s thang in the same container! Win win, easy peasy!

Tip: When you do cook up the beer can chicken, don’t forget to put something in the hole. I found these crazy chicken heads that i gave as gifts and forgot to keep one for me, but yeah mom, i received on from her to save the day!


Amazing! Love how moist the chicken is! We always get compliments on our chicken! Even when we overcook it – to say 200 degrees! 

I’ll do another post on the actual beer can chicken itself, tip, tricks, and tools.


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