Cheesy enchilada chicken pasta (InstantPot)

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Great option, quick weeknight dinner! I found this recipe originally on Betty Crocker and I saved it because of the picture and the fact that I generally had most of the ingredients!

As the time to cook up this recipe grew near (aka, we had the bacon wrapped shrimp as take out that comes with enchilada sauce – don’t judge!) I re-read the recipe and noticed that the final step was to add cooked pasta. Say what?

I went and looked as some of the other recipes – also from Betty that were cooked in the instant pot with pasta. I decided to redo this recipe as an instant pot option.

I also cut the recipe in half as these recipes tend to serve a family of 4 with left over. I would definitely cut the recipe into 1/3s so that I don’t have 2 left overs on each time we make it!


Lovely, eazy, comforting and delicious and a nice kick of heat with the poblano (out garden was very spicy this year) and the taco seasoning if you make the one indicated!

Was quite easy, and i prepped all the pieces/ingredients the night before so i would not talk myself out of it on a friday night!

I put mine over diced tomatoes and topped with smoked sea salt.

If you try it let me know what you think!

Nothing about melted cheese is attractive…