Parmesan Cheese

I used to get the shredded parmesan cheese at costco, as i used it in many recipes.

Then i took a look at the price tag and realized i had been being a fool. I thought i was saving some green buy buying in bulk, but i could save even more by doing my own shredding!

I have a food processor and as you might have seen, i got a ninja! Woot!

It’s about 13 for a triangle of cheese for about 1.5 pounds which makes me over 10 cups of shredded parm.

I separate them all out like I do my carrots, storing them in 1/2 cup portions. As usual – figure out your usual amount of cheese and store them in that size. I like  half cup portions, cause for fun if i need a 3/4 cup, the last 1/2 i can make parmesan cheese crisps! Mmmm!

Parmesan Shredded Cheese  IMG_1529

This amount of cheese will fill the bowl of your shredding bowl about 4 different times and take take care to let your machine cool down if it starts to heat up!

IMG_1530  IMG_1531

I have a multitude of recipes that use parmesan for including different breads, quinoa cakes, chickpea with lemon and spices and more! Works great for me!