DIY – Cling Spray

We have had reason over the years to have clings on our windows…

  1. Office windows are great – but damn did it get hot in there… Working from home and sweating your patootie off… not so cool. We got a super dark tint to try and keep the room cooler. After the new windows, no more need for cling – go figure!
  2. Bathroom window – when they started to build a taller building to our right, it was a direct line of site to our bathroom… um no. So we got a cool multi color cling to keep our naked to ourselves! They should be thanking us…
  3. Window over our french doors in the bedroom – once they built the monstrosity across from us, the 5th floor apartments had a direct line of sight through that window into our bed… sigh. We did a lovely rice paper cling, to let in light, but no peeping toms!
  4. Then was our most recent cling activity. Winston gets very territorial about people walking past the house. With the “dog park” directly beside our house, it was getting crazy. Last summer i did a ghetto paper taped over the windows attempt for a week we were to be away, and it kind of worked. We have decided to limit his line of sight by adding the rice paper style cling to our bottom window in the living room. Fingers crossed.

All that said, we have purchased the “apply the cling” helper packet a number of times, because we end up losing or throwing out the stuff after we do a cling, because we don’t think we’ll do anohter.

This last time we decided we must still have the stuff…  so we thankfully didn’t buy another packet, and get yet another plastic spatula. I looked up what was in the “spray” to make the cling stick.

Thankfully or sadly – it’s basically not much.

The original recipe was for a gallon – i don’t know about you, but spraying a gallon of anything will cover alot – like ALL the windows in my house about 12 times. So i knocked the recipe down to “just 4” cups and still only used about 1/2 a cup. But now i know and now you know – basically this post is for my own future reference but also for anyone that thinks they might need the “application packet” Don’t. Just don’t.

[buymeapie-recipe id=’36’] 

Pro tip – Basically i just don’t get involved in cling application. We tried to do it together on the first window and our marriage almost didn’t survive. Now, i just turn away and hope for the best.