DIY Bathroom Cleaner

Vinegar, vodka and essential oils for bathroom cleaner
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Some of you know, I’m really into DIY home cleaners. It started years ago with a presentation on Vinegar the wonder drug by a wonderful gal in my life. It’s a rabbit hole of all the things you can make without toxic additives, and research on what certain things are.

This is a new add that I found early in the pandemic and love it! Thanks Clean Mama. I make a big batch and fill spare bottles so i can just move my spray head to the next one when it’s empty.

Vinegar, vodka and essential oils for bathroom cleaner

I use specific micro fiber towels per room, light blue for the upstairs bathroom, dark blue for the downstairs bathroom, green for the kitchen, orange for dusting.. I’m a party animal

Stack of multicolored microfiber towels
Find these microfiber towels on Amazon!


I love this cleaner! Sunday is generally my clean the bathroom day – so i get up before everyone else, i towel to clean the sink, 2 to clean the toilet, 1 for the outside, 1 for the inside.

For extra benefit, spray a bunch in the bowl, swish around to clean with a brush (bonus tip – trap the brush between the toilet seat and bowl to dry) and delightfully fresh!

Reminder: I keep a separate ditty bag for the microfiber cloths and put them through a hot cycle, and separate dryer cycle to keep the ick seperated and the drying static away from my other things!

If you try this, let me know!