Chocolate Toffee Potato Chip Cookies

In honor of Waste Not Want Not – i found this recipe.

Hubby does a number of different events and conferences and as number of them include a box of variety chips and we end up with the left overs.  This last go round we had 12 bags of Lays left over. I mean really in a variety back it’s the yucky one. Hubby will take care of most junk food but these are not anything he’s interested in. In the spirit of waste not want not, i had a recipe i had used previously – a combo of a marth s and one other i had found, while researching other recipes i found this one. OMG!

This is a fun, limited ingredient recipe that end with something delicious and totally unnecessarily fat laden yum!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’39’] 

Pro tip – use more toffee chips or bigger chip sizes.

Smooth them down flatter, they don’t melt down when cooked.

This is a semi useful way to use up left over chips – this isn’t a large use of left over chips, but is delicous and fun to do. Maybe next time roll the cooking in the chips as well.