Recently we were at the food truck event – civic center eats -and had a coupon to use that left us with $5. The suggested addition was a limeade of the day. Options were watermelon serrano and strawberry basil. I tried both and both were amazing, but i chose the strawberry. After we finished our meals, we had another coupon and got 2 more, 1 of each flavor. Since we had coupons, the $5 price tag didn’t really hit home, but after we talked about how tasty they were I decided it was not worth the price and I needed to figure out how to make it myself! And so the research started!

I found 2 recipes for each kind that seemed worth while, and started to gather ingredients.

Hubby isn’t “a fan” of basil and we have enough spearmint to float a boat, so i shifted that recipe to be strawberry mint. 

I went to walmart and spent the following:

  • 22 limes 5.50
  • 1 large container of strawberries – 4.69
  • 1 personal seedless watermelon 2.69
  • 2 serranos – .23
  • Total – 13.11

All in all i did not use all the limes, nor the strawberries, so it was a less than the total and now that i know how i want it to work, it would be a much less “startup cost”

So the result was 2 “pitchers” worth of  mixture to add fizzy water to and/or Vodka.

[buymeapie-recipe id=’47’] 

[buymeapie-recipe id=’48’]It was a wonderful experiment and i anticipate watching sales and creating concoctions as different fruits go on sale!

As we were enjoying the fruits of our labors – pun intended!

Hubby said that this would not be viable for a party,  I disagreed and for that added this prepable section as well!

Pre-prep – double or triple your ingredients and do the following!

Get a large seedless watermelon, in 2 batches blender and strain the juice. Set aside

Strawberries/mint – put the whole large container in the blender (cored and halved) – strain. Set aside

Juice the limes – i have an attachment for my cuisinart – best thing ever – strain. Set aside.

Mint simple syrup – double or triple your batch, let it cool, set aside

Depending the size and quantity of your pitchers, make your mixtures ahead.

You containers for salads in a jar might be a good option as well!  

If you try this recipe, let me know how it went and leave a comment.