Popcorn maker

Popcorn is mostly air, but such a lovely snack! And the toppings you can make, buy, and enjoy.

My favorite contraption to make it is a bargain – and collapses for storage.

A simple quarter cup of kernels, and under 3 minutes in the microwave and whala, perfect snack!

Options for toppings:

Pearl St. Plank Salmon Rub – it’s got a touch of sugar and wonderful combination of spices

Basic cheddar cheese sprinkles – it’s not my cup of tea, as too much butter is needed to make it taste so good.

Shimichi Togarashi – fun and spicy flavor

Nashville hot chicken spice – a nice hot and spicy flavorful mixture

Rojo Taco and Sweet BBQ from uncommon goods

I also like to use EVOO vs melted butter, but choose your options!

I like to use these fun bottles

Oil Spray Bottle
Wonderful little oil spray bottles

I love to use either Butter or Truffle EVOO… mmmmm

Such a wonderful snack and so many different ways to mix it up.

Let me know your favorite way to enjoy popcorn.

Pro tip: we have friends that also swear by specific kernels, i’m fine with orville!