Shaving Lotion

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Say what? I used to love using skintastic and other foaming shave gel. As I moved more into natural products, understanding what i was putting on and in my body and taking care of me, I realized the undecipherable words and pressurized canisters were not the way I wanted to go. If you know we, you know most anything that comes into my house needs to have a second life before hitting the trash can. I keep all my Mrs Meyers bottles to either refill or for future uses. One of which is this amazing, ingredients that you can pronounce, shave cream.

I found this original here. I went thru a couple different versions and this was the best! It lathered up just enough to “see” what you were shaving! hahaah!


I love this stuff! You can use different oils and flavors of castile soap.

I takes just a couple pumps, lather on your legs and the hair is shaved off!

Only con is the thickness of the cream can leave residue on the blade that takes a couple rinses to remove it.

If you try it, let me know which oil and what flavor of soap you tried and liked.