Mom’s Roasted Red Potato Salad

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My mom made this for years. Part of me wonders why one would turn on an over when it’s potato salad weather… but this is just so tasty you can’t help by take the heat for bit!

I posted about this originally eons ago on my old personal site, but I have worked to get some better photos (aka the ones on the other site got lost, sigh, upgrades)

I made it for a gathering for easter and took all the photos except the final product… but damn is this dish good and the roasted flavor of the potatoes just make it so fantastic and the warm potatoes “melting” the mayo just finishes is off grandly! (obviously my friends that don’t like mayo probably tossed their cookies a little, so this dish is not for you!)


OMG yes. I love this recipe, with or without bacon, add some hard boiled egg.

I love this recipe, i love not having to peel the potatoes, i love the warmed mayonnaise… It is even amazing for breakfast the next day!

If you try it, let me know what you think!