Cherry Crumble Cake

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A friend suggested a vision board event with brunch! OMG – did i have the recipe to try for this!!

The hubby is not a fan of cherries (how did i get tricked into this marriage?), and i had a bag in the freezer just waiting for this recipe!

What i didn’t realize is that this recipe was mostly in metric – aka weighing things, and the need for self raising flour, and a “loose bottom” pan (that seemed a bit risque to me… but i went with it)

I had asked for a spring form set of pans, years ago. My sister wrapped a set my mom had in her pantry for years and called it good for christmas that year!

Once i figure out what i didn’t have, what containers i had to weigh all the things, the fact that multiple weighs would be required for multiple portions of recipe, i was mostly ready to go!

Measuring the ingredients

I did do some research on DIY self rising flour, i went with the first one i found which was better homes and gardens… most others (as i just also searched for it don’t use baking soda…)

I had recently done some research on what was Caster Sugar? Basically it is much finer sugar. There was a whole set of info on regular vs golden and how to substitute. My favorite info was regular caster sugar was the best substitute for golden caster sugar. Well, damn… i didn’t have any. So i used my ninja and just refined my regular sugar.

Next up – ground almonds. That is just almond flour, right?

Finally as mentioned i had a lovely bag of frozen cherries… i found another recipe using frozen and they mentioned either would work, so i decided to go for it.

I did notice some comments on this recipe regarding the cherries dropping to the bottom and they suggested flouring the cherries… I did not try that, and all the cherries did indeed drop to the bottom but if you took your bites correctly it all worked out!

Now, now i was ready to try this recipe!


This was fun, the sugar from the crumble made the crust edges delightful.

The folks at brunch did enjoy it, and my neighbors that i dropped off the left overs with enjoyed it as well.

Doing everything different than the original recipe still worked out well, so this is a very forgiving recipe – squeee!

Not sure the extra effort of not having alot of the common british things and having to find substitutes is worth it. But definitely an easy go, and great presentation and people enjoyed it at brunch!

If you try this – let me know if you had to substitute anything and how it came out!