Easy Mocha Donuts

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As i mentioned during the nutella donut recipe that i found a donut pan at goodwill, so now it’s trying out different recipes and perfecting them!

This one definitely has some potential. I did not have the ingredients for the frosting indicated in the original recipe, but some of the flavors would not agree with the hubby, so it all worked out!

I did find the basic recipe for the donut a little lacking, and i would up the coffee to be instant coffee crystals instead.

I did some research and found a chocolate donut frosting recipe, and that was great!

I love experimenting with different donuts recipes! I eat about a half a donut, hubby determines how many he will want, and then i share with the neighborhood!


As i mentioned above, i combined 2 different recipes and came up with a fun outcome!

Will need to retry this with more coffee and more chocolate!

Might also be interesting to try the actual frosting that went with the donut! So many recipes so little time and jean sizes!

If you give this a try, let me know what you thought, what frosting you enjoyed if any!