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Dog Treats – spent grain

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To glom onto my previous post regarding spent grain and what it is…

I’m started using the spent grain in my dog treats.

I spent an innordinate amount of time look up recipes, and deciding which would be best. Similar to the cranberry crunchies, this recipes is adaptable to whatever fruits, veggies etc you have on hand to add to the mix.

Dog Treats – spent grain

Use you or your neighbors spent grain in treats your pup will love!


20 servings


  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 4 cup wet spent grain
  • 1 ½ cup flour (whole wheat, spent grain, whatever)
  • 1 egg


  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Prep 2 cookie sheet – i like to use silpats on mine
  3. Servings is again over 100, but this tool wont let me say that…
  4. Place wet spent grain in your food processor.
  5. Process – FOREVER – i kid… kid…
  6. Probably ends up at 10 min.
  7. Make sure you push down the ingredients as it rises…
  8. The more you process it, the smoother the end product will be.
  9. You can process less, but your cut out shapes with have sharp projectiles extending from the sides… it’s up to you.
  10. I make them small so i like the edges smoother… personal preference… do what you like!
  11. If there doesn’t seem enough “stuff” in the processor – add the egg… no need to pre-wisk… just drop it in the shoot!
  12. ….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….)
  13. Once combined, start adding your flour through the shoot…
  14. Keep adding till your mixture is a blob moving around the processor…
  15. Next, prep your workspace – i use plastic wrap on the counter, covered in flour, and then plastic wrap on top to ease with the rolling process…
  16. I tend to s…t my dough in at leas…/2 if not 1/3′s…
  17. I used 1 inch cookie cutters cause… babies are only 17 pounds, but use the cutter that works for you. (during holidays i use bigger seasonal ones, cause… why not!)
  18. Place cookies very close on your cookies sheet – i use a silpat
  19. They wont get any bigger there is nothing in there to “rise”
  20. And if they do touch you can break them apart with ease. I tend to give them a smidge of space to breath, but not much more.
  21. Cook for 25 min at 350
  22. Turn down to 225 for 1 hour more until hard.
  23. I usually end up with 2 sheets, i cook for 20, switch and turn, cook for 20, switch and turn, cook for 20 and then turn off the oven and leave them there until the morning.
  24. I like my cookies hard. Great for the teeth! I also like the spent grain to having nothing left to ferment.
  25. Once they are cooked for that long they last forever… a plastic bag… i make them when i have time, and they keep for ever…
  26. For your pups with “butt issues”… these seem to do the trick with the different options of cranberries, squash etc…


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