Furever Home Treats 2021 – Carrot Banana Treats

Carrot Banana Dog Treats
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November 14th was the furever day for Mr Paco (and winston if he was still with us). Mr Paco danced around all day as i prepped the ingredients. He was a great helper and licked the bowl and took care of the extra dough!

We went with bigger cookies to give Paco some crunch in his celebration!

I’ve had the recipe so long that the original site is now defunct! Glad we finally got around to getting this made!

Verdict: Paco enjoyed and the bigger size for celebratory time is a good choice.

Pro Tips –

  • Freeze bananas if they are about to go bad, when defrosted they are perfect mashed consistency
  • Shredded carrots frozen in 1/2 cup portions make this easy peasy preparation