I love jalapenos and hot peppers in my foods.

I tend to over buy! I get excited! 19 cents a pound – yes please!

I use as many as i can in my recipes and then…  bugger. I open the vegetable crisper and they are starting to get wrinkly…  ugh!

I’ve got a couple options on how to save them and give them more life!

The basic option:

Freeze them!

Note – they do tend to get a little limp and lose some heat, so keep that in mind.

I usually store the peppers, 1 per snack bag.

I do different types in each bag – some i slice, some i dice.


The best uses are:

  • Something in the crockpot, so more of the flavor can be leached out
  • Beer bread – sauteeing with onions, and adding to the batter works well, and the slices can go on the top

Instant gratification option:

Pickled Jalapenos!

I found this recipes as a side for nachos and they are a great way to elongate the life of your jalapenos.


Other option:


Depending how many you have, this can be a nice recipe and a great way to add kick to other things!

I’ve found that my salsa can last for quite a while!

To be tried:

I found this recipe for candied jalapenos and i’ll be trying it soon


This can also be done with other peppers – serranos, poblanos, green peppers, etc!

Just remember, these items are partially made out of water, so they do not reconstitute firm, but can be used – in – things!