Baked “fried” chicken

I had my bag of left over rice chips and knew i wanted to make a “baked” fried chicken, and could have sworn i had one saved…  Alas i did not, so much searching took place, and i ended up with this one as a base.


I forgot to start ahead of time, so i had to wing it a smidge, but it all turned out ok!

I decided to make it wheat free since i had started with gluten free crackers, so i changed it up to use coconut oil spray and almond flour. It definitely needed some ranch and give it some umph, so i think brine-ing is a definite must next time! 

[buymeapie-recipe id=’6′] Pre-prep

  1. Pound the chicken thin and make the brine, i love to keep my chicken in it’s brine for as long as i can!
  2. Make the bread crumbs and store them in a sealed container/bag

IMG_1293  IMG_1931 IMG_1933

Day of

  1. Follow the recipe with most of your prep work done!

I think this would be fabulous with moc mashed potatoes and some green beans.

Alas the hubby isn’t a fan of either – so we did some beer bread with honey butter and some corn and bacon soup. We are so not a standard family!

Pro Tip:

I use this set of breading pans to do my breading process. They connect for easy work or can be separate if you only need a couple! I love them and they can be tossed in the dishwasher!