Pollo Asado

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I found this recipe on one of my favorite food bloggers – 100 days of real Food! The regular recipe calls for chicken thighs, but the hubby isn’t really a fan of dark meal, so i chose strips of chicken breast. I also didn’t really want to mess up my stove top so i went with an oven version that I stole from my chicken fajita pan bake. (pro tip: Over time with that recipe I started using 2 pampered chef pans, starting the veggies earlier.)

pollo asado

The results was a delicious, moist chicken we turned into tacos for him and a veggie plate for me (roasted red peppers, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado slices).

I had purchased a small bottle of orange juice for the recipes and halved the recipe for just 2 of us and 1 breast, and had plenty of oj left, so i make some premixed the marinade and froze them for future use!

The spice mixture is nice, i never have lime or lemon so i use pepperoncini juice.

I didn’t have an achiote spice, so I used a smoky blend i had on hand – black river

I am not sure what is meant by the minced garlic, so i used dry. Thought it was grand!


Yes! I made 3 more marinades to be ready for this recipe!

Definitely would be great on the grill in the summer and get some additional basting in!

If you try this recipe let me know what you think!