Lemony Cucumber-And-Herb Pasta Salad

Lemony Cucumber-And-Herb Pasta Salad
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Such a fabulous, refreshing, delightful salad! Love to bring it to group outings or pair it with our Spicy Flank for dinner! The first time I posted this is here, original was from Real Simple. As we have grown older and gotten more in touch with what will get eaten, i’ve redone most of our recipes down to just enough 2-4 servings.

I love to mix up the herbs! We brought the basil in this winter and it’s flourishing, so i needed a reason to use some and this was it! I also have my favorite – basically i can’t decide so i use all of them all the time – red pepper flakes. This time i went with the Flat Iron Hatch Green Pepper flavor. Such a great addition to any meal!


Fantastic! Holds up well, even with the fresh herbs, can mix it up with the herbs, pepper flakes, and oil flavors. Can change every time! Hubby is not so much into lemon (i know, right? what the heck?) so i tone in down, but if you enjoy, do all the vest and all the juice! I have also been known to toss it all in a big zip lock and bring it camping!

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If you make this, let me know and how you liked it!