Mini Roasted Peppers

It all started with a bag of mini colored peppers…

I got them and some dip and figured i’d eat healthy while away for work…

And then…  i didn’t. I had basically an unopened bag of this adorable mini peppers in all colors,and i just couldn’t let them go to waste. 

I brought them home and then brilliance struck!

Roast them on the grill!!

So the hubby and i teamed it up to cut, fill and roll in foil for a delicious appetizer!

Sweet peppers and stuffing

[buymeapie-recipe id=’8′] Team work really makes easy work of this fun appetizer

img_1853 img_1854 img_1855

Stuff as much as you can into the pepper.

Stuffed mini peppers

Take care to allow the peppers to roast the full minutes to get the soft peppers, blackened skins and melty goodness

img_1857 img_1858 img_2023