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Potato cheese soup

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I don’t normally make white food. You may have noticed? Basically potatoes and rice and pasta go right to my belly fat area and don’t leave. So I just don’t make them.

I was doing a Wilker Fresca (redo of a hello fresh) of an steak with a potato and red pepper hash. I got 1 sweet potato and 1 potatoe at the store. Hubby “hates” sweet potatoes. Well since i’m still doing curbside i go with what is provided by the staff. Well, they found the biggest baddest tubers… So i used half of each for our meal (yes i did make my hash and his hash)

Well, so i’m not a fan of wasting food. So the idea of potato soup popped into my head. I found a few quite acceptable options. One called for velveeta… none in the house, but would cheddar cheese soup work?

Came across this one and decided to give it a go as my base.

As fate would have it – i only had a red onion, but i did have some shallots. why shallots? no idea, i’m sure there is some other recipe i should be making!

I also added additional spice, as we made another dish with chorizo and potatoes recently and bland was putting it nicely… So I made this recipe ours and we really enjoyed with a pan of rolls! I used some onion dip mix.. didn’t taste oniony but had some nice flecks!

Pro tip – i freeze my celery – if it will be used in soup or stock, don’t need it looking pretty anyway!

If you need great spices, and spice blends – check out savory spice!

If you didn’t notice in the ingredient – there is a link on how to bake your bacon, vs splattering your ticket. Pro tip – i poured the “grease” into a ramekin for this mornings breakfast cooking!

Verdict: We cleaned the dutch oven, nothing left, no left over, not even enough for a mouse… I would make this again, and again. Delightful!

Hubby said he couldn’t tell there were sweet potatoes in there, so winning!

If you make it, let me know your thoughts!


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