Graduation Christmas Ornaments

In the honor of waste not want not – i have a quick little project for something to do with your left over high school or college tassels that just hang in the drawer or on a door knob!



Just a couple of quick tricks and ornament is complete


I got the medium size plastic ball ornament at michaels. 99 cents.

I needed something to allow the tassel string up through the top, and i had a screw on my desk, so i used it to pierce the top and make a hole big enough to let the tassel through.


I had 2, so i put one hole on each side of the center. If you only have 1, place it close to the center.


Make the hole big enough to allow the tassel through.


Here are my 2 holes – kinda hard to see


Push the tassel into the ball.


Pull the tassel through, for me i put the year facing out on both sides of the center! Then put the top in, and pull the tassel up for hanging! 

Squee – and success!


Hubby’s tassel’s year was too big to fit in the whole, so i tied it to the outside.

Pro tip: get a ball with an opening big enough to fit the number through. Or be willing to hang it on the outside.

Love that this helps save your tassels from the bottom of the junk drawer!