Cucumber Soup

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Really – cucumber soup? Is it gross? Does it taste like warm cucumbers? Yes and no across the board. Honsestly I have had cucumber soup while climbing Kilimanjero in 2020 and I was quite tasty – both the kind with cream and the kind without for those with dairy issues… But this is not that. This is in response to – well, oh my goodness, the hubby brought in 2 more cucumbers from the garden and what am I supposed to do with them

Some had already gone to the old standby of Asian Cucumber Salad – perfect amount is 1.5 cucumber halves for the hubby and I with no left overs. The second half goes to salad during the week.

Last summer I found this recipe and tried it out. Pro tip – watch the garlic, as this is not a cooked soup – too much and it’s like vampire land.. But otherwise, it’s a delightful option for a mid summer dinner. This year, the pickle pirates are out and in full canning mode, there is not a dill sprig to be found in any store… so i went with dried!

For my version I also dropped the tarragon – i really dislike the taste.. not sure why, i feel it over powers. But go for it, if it is up your alley! If anyone knows me, i sub pepperoncini juice for all lime and lemon in savory dishes, so if you like lemon, go for that instead.

I top my soup with feta and a sprinkle of interesting olive oil! Mmm, so decadent!

Verdict: I seriously do a happy dance when i get to have this for dinner!

If you try this let me know what you think!