Tingly Szechuan Beef and Noodles

This is another one of my favorites! We have done a bit of research and have updated the recipe to use thin pieces of beef vs the ground beef the original recipe called for.

Tingly Szechuan Beef

We also updated the recipe to grind the szechuan pepper corns vs keeping them whole. The crunch, bitting down on one of those is a bit of a shock – so we tamed it a bit, by getting a coffee grinder and grinding the peppercorns before cooking.

 Peppercorns in grinder

The other update i generally do for my hubby is to mince the onions. If he doesn’t know he’s eating an onion, he’s a lot happier!


Pro-tip – I use my microplane to “mince” my garlic and my ginger! Amazing and delicious! Learned this tip from a friend’s mom who learned to cook in india as a girl and i love how it comes out!

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  1. chop/dice the onions – store in a sealed container (1/2 – 1 onion)
  2. chop the pepper – can be stored with the onion or in it’s own container
  3. mince the 4 garlic cloves – can be stored with the onion and pepper or in it’s own container
  4. mince the ginger – can be stored with the onion, pepper and garlic or in it’s own container
  5. grind the peppercorns, if doing that (2 tsp)
  6. Combine peppercorns with
    1. 1 tsp chinese 5 spice – store in a sealed container.
  7. Lettuce – if you will be eating within a day or 2, slice the head of lettuce and store in storage bag or a tupperware. 


Follow the directions, but just enjoy having all the pieces already ready for you! Very quick to come together. Enjoy!

Suggested Sides

I always serve this dish with my PF Chang knock off sauce

Chili garlic, hot mustard, gyoza sauce – combine a bit of each to make the mixture and heat level to your liking. I don’t have exact measurements, but generally a teaspoon (on you eat with) rounded of the chili garlic, enough gyoza sauce to cover it, and a half of a teaspoon of the hot mustard. 

If you eat this dish with the suggested lettuce there is no need for a side in my opinion.