Potato Chip Cookies

It’s a funny thing – when the hubby and i run a conference, we end up with random leftover stuff. Like a box of snack size chips – but only the flavor no-one wanted… plain lays…

Again – off to the internet for a solution. I had heard of people making potato chip cookies, so i researched a ton, and it came down to 4 different recipes and finally I combined 2 to get to what i thought was a great result. The main recipe was from martha, but i wanted to have some chocolate in there too!


Crushing all the chips is kind of fun and  a great stress reliever


Rolling the balls of cookie dough in the crushed chips is weird. 

Pro-tip – wet your hand to roll the dough

img_2053  Lovely little guy, at the ready  to turn into yummy goodness!


Whala! Definitely go for the  10 minutes, they don’t spread too much, so there is room for those extra 2 at the bottom!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’10’]