Dinner Rolls – 5 ways

I’ve had this recipe in the repertoire for a long time. I love the option of making them in all different ways – how fun is that!!

We were tasked with “rolls” for thanksgiving at a friends. We got this info a smidge late on wednesday and Etai was out, so, make my own was the next option!


[buymeapie-recipe id=’28’] I wanted to make the cool snail coils for imagry, so i started with the balls

And then rolled them into lines

And finally into shape, and time to rest

Choose your shape and enjoy!

So it turns out that others were also instructed to bring rolls for dinner. And they brought ones with bacon, so as amazing as these little fellas are…  they can’t compete against bacon. So we brought a bunch home.

So the next day was time to waste not, want not and we make Dinner Roll French Toast! Squee!

Great use of “left over bread”