Carrots! You buy them, usually for just 1 or 2 to use in a recipe.

I’ve got some options for how to deal with the rest of the bag, or if you like a good deal, get the 10 pound bag from costco and go to town! Freezing will leave them limp on defrost, but for use in stocks and soups  and roasted veggies…  it’s all the same!


  • Wash and chop – save for later in homemade chicken stock. If the pieces are clean enough you can save the peels and nubs for your stock while you save the rest for other things!


  • Wash, peel and chop – store them for adding to roasts and soup
    • Make into match sticks for use in asian dishes
  • Shred! I store them in 1/2 cup portions for use in dog treats, quinoa cakes, and more (freeze).
    • Wash and peel all the carrots
    • cut off the tops and bottoms
    • Use your shred blade in the food processor, and shred
    • Usually 4-6 carrots can be shred before the workbowl needs to be emptied. Empty it in a timely manner! I shredded the bottom of my feed tube once by thinking i didn’t need to… Yikes!
    • Divy the shredded carrots into individual baggies, label and store. (i store each 1/2 cup in a fold over baggies, and then put 4 of those into a quart size labeled.
    • Pro Tip: when you use the carrots, save the quart sizes for later!

IMG_1467  IMG_1468  IMG_1469

I will usually get the 10 pound bag from costco and spend a couple hours having a shredding party. I generally use them in quinoa cakes and dog biscuit and dog pupcakes!

Take care – you hands will be stained orange for a day or 2. But for me it is generally once a year that i need to do this exercise!