Campfire – Chili Cheese Crescent Hot Dog Bake

Saw this amazingly bad for you recipe on facebook and knew this was something I wanted to try.

We decided to modify it for the campfire, and it mostly went ok! Definitely a learning curve and lucky for you, I’ve done all the mistakes for your benefit!

Basics – package of crescent rolls, hotdogs, slices of cheese, butter with grated garlic and a can of hormel chili – hot!

Garlic and butter melting on the campfire with the can of chili

4 hotdog version of the rolls!

Meal in process! Next time remember to cover with foil!

Final result! This time a bit charred – next time will be perfect!

Thoughts – don’t need the cheese, chili on the camp fire is amazing!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’60’]Verdict – this is a pretty quick and easy camping dinner!

Next up – try it in the crockpot! (remember, just pop a chop stick in the cover to make the crescent roll not gooie!