Tater Tots

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This started as a weird conversation with our expat friends that live in Amsterdam. Amsterdam the land of all potatoes in all different way doesn’t have tater tots. Apparently this phenomenon is an american thing – go figure…

Shredded potatoes and spices!

So i did some research and found this recipe that looked pretty good. I was about to give it a try and we started the renovation on our kitchen which lead to us moving out and the potatoes getting tossed in a dark corner.

Finally we are back in the house. Still no counter (hello plywood and no clean up) but our appliances are in and some of my kitchen tools have been found and given new homes… I decided to try this recipe out and out my air fryer to give it a smidge more healthy – yup we are ignoring it is potatoes..

Tots in shape, ready for the air fryer

The plus side – this is just potatoes, spices and touch of flour to keep is all together nicely. Next up – sweet potato tots!


Amazing! Use your salt and pepper with abandon, and spice it up! Might go smaller so there is equal golden goodness to potato-ness…