Pizza Dough

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I have been making pizza dough for years. I used to travel a ton for work and the hubby’s idea of being self sufficient diminished after we got married. So a nacho or a pizza was what he would subsist on when i was away. We used to get the 2 pack of digorno from costco. Then one day for some reason i realized, we can make our own and make it “healthier”.

So i have been making different version, some with spent grain – ok, no healthier there but grainy and less waste into the world from beer brewing!

I usually immersion blend a bag of spinach and add it to the dough. Hubby doesn’t care about eating green food, as long as he really can’t tell there is a veggie, he’s fine eating them…

This last round i didn’t have any spinach but i still have bad of frozen carrots hanging around… so that was our added veggie this go round!


This is a fantastic and versatile recipe. Can add or remove veggies, garlic, spices etc.