Slow Cooker Dr Pepper Ribs

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For years I have been “afraid” of cooking ribs. I enjoy the meat, i enjoy when others make it for me, I just wasn’t willing to risk making it myself

Today was the day! As luck would have it, we got a free can of dr pepper. So I got the necessary items from store and chuckle the whole time, that my “free” soda was making a $20 dollar meal. hahahaha

I followed the instructions, but could only find a little bit of the sinew, but it all ended up cooking just fine, so perhaps it had already been removed. But that is also another “scary” reason why i haven’t cooked this meat prior.

We used our favorite BBq sauce – devil spit and off it went for 8 hours


Fall off the bone delicious!

I would definitely make this again

I’m also very proud of myself for trying a new recipe for something that scared me! You can be strong and successful too!