Chocolate Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

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A couple years ago I was flipping through my mom’s old cook books and saw here peanut butter blossom recipe (back in the day when people used crisco/lard in cookies! ) It’s been in the back of mind to get a batch of those created, just to reminisce about childhood!

As i don’t go into grocery stores these days, i was on my grocery store app picking out food to buy and decided to add some kisses to the mix. Did you know there were about – ALOT – of different kinds these days… I wasn’t fully paying attention or noticing what my recipes called for and just picked a couple different kinds! Into the pantry they went.

Yesterday was the day for kiss cookies… I pull out my stash and was like… hunh. I had mint, peppermint and cherry. Ok, let’s see what recipes we can work with this – obviously the peanut butter isn’t on deck today!

I went with first recipe in the list (she’s my standby for all things from the garden!) and changed out the chocolate kisses for the peppermint ones. As i had been gifted a jar of non-pareil sprinkles when a friend moved to the coast, it also made sense.. right?

I wasn’t exactly paying attention and from experience with the last cookies – the mudslide ones, having bigger cookies sometimes can be a good thing. So i made the first round with the big scooper… Not necessary. Use your small scoop.

I took the instruction very strictly with the let the cookie sit 5 before you put the kiss in. Alas… they still melt a little. Also those points are hard to stack in a cookie jar. So next time i’ll just put them in straight away and let them melt!


The smaller scoop is the way to go. The recipe just makes about 2 sheets worth. Saddest looking cookie jar results ever!

I used candy cane and a couple mint truffle kisses. Worked lovely.

If you need something splashy for a party – go for it!

If you make these let me know what you think!