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A few month ago, maybe a year at this point, i wanted something that was not tacos, or burritos or a quesadilla when we were out at a mexican restaurant… This “posole” thing sounded tasty, so i said, yes please and i was hooked! I had to have it. Then i saw this recipe and I had to make it!

Quick, easy, delicious and delightful.


This is now one of my favorite soups. I had never had hominy and now in this soup – wow, gotta have it!

My neighbor had gifted me some roasted hatch chiles, so i peeled (washed off all the black stuff) and used 6 ounces. That or 2 cans, gotta say i did like not getting the weird skin from the cans… hmmm. Might have to overcome my dislike of having to clean them up…