Cherry-Cola Dump Cake

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Dump cakes are just sooo very interesting to me. I love recipes, but the idea of just a quick, open, “dump”, stir and go!

I have had this recipe around for a while, and then i got “all” the ingredients, and then i just sat… sadness. Another win from Betty!

I realized that generally a dump cake is either for potluck, party or large family! Since one of the base ingredients is a box of cake, halving the recipe is just not really a thing, i mean, ok it could be… but then you need to do something else with half a box of cake… you see my dilemma…

Cherry-Cola (Pepper) Dump Cake

I had a friend over to make some DIY beeswax reusable wraps and figued… why not, let’s make it!

I didn’t have coke, but i did have Dr Pepper (I keep that for ribs!!)

3 easy ingredients, delicious results! As it was so delightful, i brought it over to my neighbor so she could bring it to her work and i wouldn’t be tempted.

Verdict: Yes!

Delicious, easy and wins over the masses!

If you give it a try, let me know what soda you use and what you you think!