Garlic Knots (with pizza dough)

Garlic Knot
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It sounds ridiculous, but after my last round of making pizza dough for our outdoor pizza oven, we had an extra dough ball in the fridge.

As we pondered what we could do as it was getting a little long in the tooth, the idea of garlic knots came to mind. We have enjoyed them at pizza joints, so it made sense!

I found a couple different recipes, some talked about letting it rise, others about making a log and cutting it “evenly”, the toppings of butter and garlic were a must!

I went with a combo of kind of a fat tube, cut into some peices and then rolled as best i could.

From there i created the knot shape and let then rest while the oven finished being used for cookie baking!

I used a recipe that suggested melting butter in a small pan on the stove and adding fresh garlic there. I thought it might infuse the butter with a bit more garlic, than just brushing it on or using the microwave.

All in all this is a fun way to use up extra dough and i’m curious if they would work well in the pizza over… ponders and wishes it was not raining right now.


This is a fun way to use up extra pizza dough or make fun appetizer options!

We dipped our knots in the extra butter, cause why not!

If you try this recipe let me know what you thought and what your favorite dipping sauce is