Double chocolate chip cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
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What happens when you make potato salad, realized you don’t have mayonaise, then make mayonnaise and then have a random egg white just sitting there looking at you!

I am a big proponent of not wasting food, so i try to use all that I can and this was the outcome of trying to accomplish that. I do tend to ponder, am I using more by trying to use something that could be just thrown away?? But this was a fun experiment and it was just the right amount of cookies!

Note: this makes about 2 dozen cookies, which if you have any self control issues is great, but I definitely got a look from the hubby that “this was it”!

Another Betty Crocker win!


Keep this in your pocket for when you suddenly have an egg white just sitting there!

Very tasty and light!

If you try it, let me know what you think!