Jalapeño Jelly

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This will be perfected for many recipes and many years to come. I am absolutely sure of that.

I have a friend that originally introduced me to the joy of jalapeno jelly. She was also the friend that made the eggplant parmesan and I would just wait for whatever “season” each was and beg for extra.

This season hubby’s jalapeno plants were very prolific, both in size and quantity – and the heat these bad boys put out… couldn’t out in extra in a dish..

So i decided to expand the repertoire from just hot sauces to something a little different and i came across a couple recipes for jalapeno jelly. I won’t lie, it did take me a minute to decide if i was worthy of trying a recipe that was something she always made. I decided i would honor her and as far as i know the recipe went with her, there will be no more of her variety. Need this stuff in my life!

I read a couple recipes, and decided to go with this version. I don’t like green bell peppers, so I pick whatever colors are in the costco bag and go with that. This time it was red and orange.

I did learn about pectin. Did you knew there were 2 kinds? Liquid and powder? Nope, me neither! I just grabbed the powder off the shelf for the first round. (you generally have to move away from the jello area and go to the canning area to find it) I used the liquid this time and it did gelatinize (is that a word) the jelly quite well, not sure how i feel about it. Next round i will probably just use a full package of powder vs the 2.5 tbl conversion i found on line. (but this makes a lot of jelly so if you need any, please reach out – they are all water canned and should be good for a year)


Amazing and fantastic on cream cheese – cause america

Such a delightful taste on your tongue. Great for ritz crackers or townhouse if you want to fancy!

I have also put a dollop on gouda and called it a fancy appetizer.

Try it and let me know what you think!