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Roasted Green Chili Hot Sauce

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As the tomatillo plant is the only overly producing plant in the garden this summer, finding new and different ways to use them up was important! The original recipe had 2 parts, this hot sauce that later is used to add heat to the salsa verde.

Pro tip – the original recipe indicates to seed the jalapenos. I decided that was silly, and only seeded half… i would suggest seeding most of the jalapenos!

I did also use a poblano to round out the weight of the green peppers and thing it was fantastic.

Roasted green peppers
Roasted green peppers

The flavor reminded me of the green sauce from peruvian restaurants!


This hot sauce has a great taste and I’m really glad to have found it. This recipe makes over 2 cups and the salsa verde combo only uses 1 cup.

If you try it ,let me know what you think, and how many peppers you de-seed!

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